More snow

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  1. burstmode on

    The world is cold this winter!

    • giiid on

      Yes it is, – global heating or not. It seems that the weather is as unpredictable as always.

  2. Scott Thomas Photography on

    I with you. We haven’t had a storm since the new year but it has snowed almost every day since. Temps are below freezing so it keeps piling up. This is unusual for Denmark?

    • giiid on

      It is unusual that the cold weather continue for such a long periode, and that the snow keep comming, like if it would never end. Denmark has ran out of salt for the streets, what made some foreign persons give price offers up to ten times normal…there is always a good deal to find somewhere, for a true businessman!

  3. Gerry on

    OK, I have been Looking Things Up. I am astonished at what I’ve found. Birgitte, you live a good ten degrees farther north than I do, yet you get hardly any snow at all! Your total precipitation for the year, if Wikipedia is to be believed, is less than the snow I get in an average February. And most of your precipitation is rain! Rain! Who knew?

    Dale Reedy, my Snowplow Guy, does not even bother to come when we get a single snowfall that equals your average for a whole winter month. This must be an unusual year indeed. I have to admit those photos look depressingly similar to the view outside my window.

    Goodness this virtual travel is broadening. Each day I grow more confused about why, exactly, my ancestors left Scandinavia to come to North America. Do you suppose they were . . . disreputable? Oh dear.

    • giiid on

      Gerry, once more you make me chuckle, and once more I have to give up explaining people around me what´s so funny about a snowplow or a disreputable couple from Sweden…

      Thank you for looking up facts about the Danish weather. That is one of those things that I can´t make myself do, I´m afraid I´ll get bad news! You are right about this amount of snow being unusual, though not completely unknown. Ask any person who have passed 50years, and they can tell how winters were all white, and summers all sunshine at their childhood….(memory – corrector in this case will be dividing with 10)

      About your ancestors, I think they have been quite brave to leave their homeland, not knowing what they would meet so far away. I´ve read that 1.2 million Swedes left their country in less than 100 years, to start a new life in America. No wonder that they have space enough.
      Are you aware of the famous Swedish writer Vilhelm Moberg who wrote numbers of books about Swedish emigrants leaving for America? One of them was made as a TV serie. Absolutely touching.

      As I love family history research, you are making me very curious about your Swedish roots! I wonder where they came from, and if I can assist you in looking for something about them. Disreputable or just brave.

  4. thedailyclick on

    It’s so beautiful when everything is covered with snow.

    • giiid on

      Having seen your lovely snow photos, I agree. I like your snow more 🙂

  5. drusillah on

    I like the close-up in the second photo! 🙂

    • giiid on

      I´ve noticed that most objects get interesting as close-ups, it´s fun to enlarge images at the computer and study what normaly is hidden for the eye. This one is not that big, though. Thank you for your comment, Drusillah.

  6. Nye on

    Mother nature must have protested the Global warming issue. It looks very cold to me. 🙂

    • giiid on

      It is absolutely cold! Yesterday I was cleaning a window, the water immidiately changed into ice. No warm weather at sight, we are getting impatient…

  7. isathreadsoflife on

    You do have a lot of snow in Denmark, giiid ! It makes beautiful pictures 😉 although I imagine you are looking forward to the arrival of Spring too.

    • giiid on

      Yes, we are looking foreward, but there are so much snow everywhere, it will take a long time before we have nice clean streets again,- and walking paths. Some hospitals have lack of the screw that are used for broken arms and legs, many many people have had an accident caused of the ice at the streets. I suppose that you are more used to this weather in Schweiz. 🙂

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