A few cold snapshots

Nothing much to catch these days, with almost no sun and just a little light. I made these snapshots for you on my shopping tour, though.

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  1. isathreadsoflife on

    Cold it looks indeed… and I like the variety of your shots, they all came out very well in the light blue Winter sky.

  2. drusillah on

    Beautiful, beautiful images! 😀 Great job! 🙂

  3. Gerry on

    Cold winter light, but the warmth of a note from a favorite correspondent!

    You don’t get a whole lot of snow, do you? (By which I do not mean to tempt Mama Nature to send you more. I’m sure you have all that you require for the moment!)

  4. dinesh on

    wow! these shots are really awesome. Added freshness to my mood. 🙂

  5. Scott Thomas Photography on

    Isn’t it amazing how a good photograph can make you feel. These are very pleasing to look at but the brain is telling me….COLD! Bundle up out there!

  6. thedailyclick on

    It does look cold, beautiful pictures, though. I really like the one of the ice.

  7. Dinesh on


  8. Truels on

    Happy New Year to you too – and to your husband and son.
    I hope I’m going to send you some pictures this year – and maybe start up a blog???!!! Your blog and lovely pictures are VERY inspiring!

  9. Drue on

    This ice is gorgeous.

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