While christmas-lunches taken place before christmas mostly are for collegues or friends, (and often a kind of party) they usualy are for families after christmas, the 25th and 26th of december. No matter what, these dishes will always be at the buffet.


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  1. Nye on

    That’s a lot of food. Our family usually have a get together on the 24th to exchange gifts, some of my American co-workers also do this but not sure if most Americans are or not.

    • giiid on

      You are absolutely right,it is a lot and too much. I´ve found an old comment about this,- from 1736, written by an author, who irritated wrote that people thought that eating a lot, would give them a good year. Apparently this belive is living well.

  2. Gerry on

    The secret is to take just a little dab of each gloriously delicious dish . . . and then to take a long, long walk with some very deserving dogs.

    • giiid on

      Using this good advice, a historical royal dinner with 50 dishes should be easy to cope. In Danish I would have written “pure child-food”, a frase we use for anything that is very very easy to do. I wonder what you call this?

      By the way, the 50 dishes was the humble Danish version of foreign much larger festive dinners. Knowing that everything is bigger in America, I suppose historical dinners are includet.

  3. isathreadsoflife on

    A lot of tasty dishes to try… I would have followed Gerry’s suggestion : a little bit of everything 🙂

  4. irisofthewayfarer on

    I am from a German island called Sylt, it’s located about 45 minutes south of the Danish island of Romo. The foods and customs are very similar for Christmas and otherwise.
    Nice to have found your blog, I’ll read on and try to find out where you are located 🙂

  5. babs on

    I really enjoy learning about your country’s traditions on your blog! I had no idea you were so far north that the sunset comes before 4 p.m. — I thought ours was bad at 5:30 in the winter. Many wishes for a happy new year and much more success.

  6. drusillah on

    What a feast! ^^ Those are the good times. I am not crazy about liver, but who knows, maybe when it’s prepared this way it’s good 😀

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