Earth hour in Copenhagen

Between 7 pm and 8 pm today, (some of) the light in Copenhagen will be closed, as a contribute to the COP 15 meeting,  which is going on these days, with participants from 193 different countries. Denmark has never had a big meeting like this before, and I think every citizen are affected in one way or another.


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  1. burstmode on

    The climate change meeting has infuriated me. With the scientific basis for the meeting in serious doubt and the Chinese, Russians and Indians now opposed, I think the event ends up being a showcase for the beauty of your lovely city.

    • giiid on

      It looks like you were right, in your prediction. The level of succes is of course depending on from wich angle (country) it is seen, apparently some countries quite satisfied with the result. I has been very interesting to follow the process, but impossible to find out the underlying reasons for some countries surprisingly reactions. Taken into consideration that 193 persons had to agree about one text, it might have been more surprising if it had been a big succes.

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