Gløg recipe

I promised Michaela to post a GLØG recipe, and here it is; a recipe once chosen by my father, who was a true gourmet.

Swedish gløg, 4 persons.

1 beer
½ bottle of red wine
1 dl. sweet blackcurrant juice
1 dl. Cognac
60 gr coriander
50 gr almonds
1 stick cinnamon
1 cardamom fruit
20 cloves
1 Pomerans be
zest of ½ lemon
75 gr Sugar

Wash the coriander and put them to soak overnight in brandy and juice, together with the spices.

 Warm the beer untill boiling, add sugar, almonds and lemon zest. Add the wine and spices, warm it to almost boiling. (Don’t boil it, the alcohol will disappear then.) Serve in a tureen. Use mugs or toddy glasses, and long spoons.

This is obviously not a recipe usefull for impulse-gløg drinkers.

With a bottle of Gløg-concentrate, it gets a bit more easy: Warm the redwine, add the concentrate – and a lot of almonds and raisins.
If this still is too much work, it is possible to buy a bottle with mixed wine and extract.


7 comments so far

  1. thedailyclick on

    That sounds really good! Thank you for posting the recipe.

    • giiid on

      you´re welcome. One more thing,- the spices are usualy taken away before drinking, only almonds and raisins are left.

  2. Gerry on

    I can see that this is going to get me in even more trouble than pineapple casserole.

    • giiid on

      I think I would prefer some pineapple casserole, it realy sounds delicious!

  3. isathreadsoflife on

    I am fan of spices, all the ones you use in this recipe, this looks really good !

    • giiid on

      Do you make glühwein in Switzerland?

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