Sunday in town

After a week occupied with taking care of my influenza sick family members, I went to town, hoping that I would meet a Santa Lucia procession somewhere.

 Today, sunday 13 december, most shops were extraordinary open in an attempt to increase their sale. As I expected, some of them had invited Santa Lucia and her procession to come, surely knowing about the side effect of her presence . Beside the photos taken for you, I came home with a few new kitchen gadgets that I hadn´t written at my shopping list.

Outside the shop, the christmas trees are being sold and wrapped into a net. About 3 pm, darkness is just around the corner.

17 pm. and we are ready to go to sleep. Luckily, the shortest day is near, and we can start looking for spring…

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  1. thedailyclick on

    Hey!! Those first two pictures, are those at IKEA?
    We just got home from there! (Not this particular one of course 😉 )

  2. giiid on

    Yes, they are, we went to Ikea, too! Apparently the place to go on a sunday for bloggers :-)I suppose there wasn´t any Lucia procession at yours?

  3. thedailyclick on

    No, there wasn’t. I don’t think Lucia processions are known here.
    I have a question about Glögg… is it normally an alcoholic drink? We picked some up today (at IKEA) and it’s non-alcoholic. At least the kids can have some, too.
    I’ve seen Glögg at other stores here but didn’t really look whether or not it has alcohol or not.

    • giiid on

      Gløg is normaly made with alcohol. It is up to the host/the one who invites how strong it will be. The two things to mix is: The redwine/and maybe some other kind of alcohol – and the extract of mixed spices in a kind of “juice”. This mix will make it taste good, better, or delicious…(or not very good). Now days it is possible to buy it all mixed into a bottle of Gløg, but this is normaly not as tasty. I´ll find a recipe tomorrow.

  4. burstmode on

    glogg? Santa Lucia? I know who Santa Lucia is from my Catholic upbringing but I didn’t know you had festivals for her in Dansk. Happy Santa Lucia Day.

    • giiid on

      To be sure that my answer is correct, I just made a google search about the origin. There are a lot of sites explaining about the Lucia tradition, a lot of them are quite funny and has nothing to do with reality. F.ex. this statement:

      “In many villages in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland and Denmark, the Festival of Santa Lucia is a national holiday.”
      I wonder how a national holiday could be hold exclusively in only some villages..anyway, it is not a national holiday in any of those countries.

      Well, according to a reliable site made by historic educated people, the tradition with the Lucia procession came to Denmark from Sweden, around 1944. In Sweden, they have documents telling about it in 1764, but the tradition wasn´t common before 1920-30. Originaly the tradition include something to eat, a night meal. At that time, they used the julian calender, wich had 13 december as the longest night, apparently too long not to eat something. This sounds to me a bit like combine a religious matter with a more practical…not a bad idea.
      Thank you for your comment.

  5. Nye on

    17:00, that’s early to go to bed, I’d just get out from work.

    Santa Lucia procession looks interesting, I’d never heard or seen one before.

    • giiid on

      Yes, it is a bit too early, according to the system. Unfortunately 🙂

  6. cindydyer on

    Hi Birgitte!

    I recognize one of my favorite stores in those photos—IKEA! We have one about 1/2 hour from here. I love buying stuff to organize my house (especially my office and photo studio) from there. Cheap, cheap prices and very good quality! Hope you’re doing well these days!


    • giiid on

      Thank you, I am fine. I have been thinking for a while, about how to send you congratulations with your wedding, it is not the most obvious idea to send a nice photo card to a prof like you, but you might have a weak point about IKEA… I´ll work on this 🙂 In the meanwhile I´ll leave you with a great Congratulation!!

  7. cindydyer on

    Birgitte! I just noticed that you’re under 3,000 hits to making it a grand total of 100,000! You go, girl! 🙂

  8. Anjeanette on

    We had a Santa Lucia procession last weekend! My niece is the oldest daughter. She came dressed in white to our house with doughnuts and hot chocolate. The boys dressed in white shirts and a red sash, with star wands. The kids thought it was fun and I thought it was lovely. I’ll have to find my pictures. Of course, our costumes weren’t as nice as these.

    • giiid on

      I belive that your costumes were realy nice, knowing how clever you and your sister are at making all kind of artistic handcraft. I wonder if this Santa Lucia was a special sight at your house, or something done all over the city?

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