Decreasing light

tulips summer and autumn

Tulips at daytime, all of them red, placed in the same vase, in the same window, but not at the same time of year! Slowly we are getting used to see colors change or dissappear. The “summertime” has ended, which means that mornings are plus 1 hour brighter, – but afternoons are plus 1 hour dark. Sunrise today 7:17 am.  sundown 4:46 pm. The most positive to say about the darkness, is that ones wrinkles are toned down for a while.

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  1. isathreadsoflife on

    This is lovely, giiid. A colourful contrast for the changes of time of the year.

  2. giiid on

    Thank you Isa.

  3. thedailyclick on

    Sundown is early!! I’m not used to that anymore.
    Another beautiful mosaic.

  4. giiid on

    Thank you. I tried to google the time of your sundown, it looks like it is about 7 pm?
    The early darkness makes one sleepy before dinner… zzzz

  5. thedailyclick on

    Yes, I think it’s at about 7pm right now. This week-end we’re going back to standard time (we’re still on daylight savings time), so sundown will be an hour earlier next week.

  6. Nye on

    This reminds me, our time change is this Sunday, so it’ll get dark earlier.

    I like your mosaic contrasts of the Summer and Fall.

    • giiid on

      Thank you Ginger. The time change is a bit confusing in the first days, don´t you think?
      The memoryhelp we use is to think about is :garden-furnitures; at summer they are being taken out (in Danish we use the word translate as “foreward”) and in winter they are being taken back (to where they came from).

      • Nye on

        As for us, the Spring is going forward 1 hour, and Fall is falling back 1 hour, I think of the leaves falling at this time of the year, and so is our time change.

      • Nye on

        giiid, the exact expressions, “Spring forward one hour” and ” Fall back one hour”, and I often think of the leaves to remember this.

        Giiid´s answer: That is a good way to remember it. I might use this one next time 🙂
        Unfortunately I can´t translate the Danish version very well, but I guess the meaning is clear.

  7. Gerry on

    I’ve been grumpy about the shrinking window of light, and I’ll probably be grumpy right up until it starts expanding again in late December, but it helps to think of my wrinkles fading in the gloom! The tulip collage is outstanding. Tender, fresh – and stark! – all in one, wheeling about just as the seasons turn.

  8. giiid on

    You grumpy…I can´t imagine. I have tried to for some days now, but it doesn´t get better 😉
    Thank you for the nice words about the tulips.

  9. nell on

    Really nice!

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