Water 2

water reflection

Another contribution to Scotts assignment “Water” : Reflections, captured with a mobile phone,  by my sister Tone.

10 comments so far

  1. kseverny on

    wow. a fantastic shot

  2. isathreadsoflife on

    This is charming, poetic,a wonderful shot indeed !

  3. Valerie on

    Love this one.

  4. thedailyclick on

    WOW! Love this!

  5. kanniduba on

    That is SOOO cool! And with a camera phone no less! Bravo!

  6. Nye on

    That is so neat, her image is very clear, it looks almost as if someone took the photo from the water looking up, instead of the other way around.

  7. Anna Surface on

    What a neat capture and surreal in clarity!

  8. Indonesian Photo Blog on

    cute shot with a camera phone!!

  9. Scott Thomas Photography on

    The best camera is the one you have when a photo opportunity is seen. Been using my camera phone more and more lately. This is a fun photo of your sister.

  10. giiid on

    Thank you everyone, your comments are much appreciated! They are a good example of how inspiring it can be to share photos/words at a blog,- to send and recieve comments from blogfriends around the world. I think my sister should make one, and who knows, maybe you have helped her decide making one… 🙂

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