My contribution to Scott Thomas assignment “WATER ”  will be this photo, taken today on our drive along the coast line of Zealand. This water, Øresund / Østersøen (the Easten lake – even it is not a lake), seperate Denmark from Sweden, -our hereditary enemy when it comes to football.  There has of course been many wars between our two countries, land and jewellery has changed hands,  and stories of the enemies brutality has provided stories that can be told forever.

The “Eternal peace” between our countries was signed in 1658, after the Swedish army had been able to march directly to Denmark, because of very hard frost.  Thick enough to carry an army.  As the winner of the war, Sweden got these areas : Skåne  Halland and Blekinge, -a fact that surprisingly still seems to annoy some.
All this happened 350 years ago, and have been celebrated with exibitions made by Swedish and Danish museums.

We do like the swedes a lot now days, and respect their well-developed society. Actually we have made a bridge to Sweden.  Apparently we can´t stop them anyway.

Scott Thomas invite everyone to join the assignment, you are welcome, too.

16 comments so far

  1. burstmode on

    A beautiful view. I like the way the image is framed.

    Sneaky Swedes…We feel the same way about Oklahoma. Luckily, yesterday, our best college football team trounced theirs (go horns)!

  2. giiid on

    Thank you – and good for your team! (wawing flags)! 🙂

  3. thedailyclick on

    This photo is beautiful, Birgitte. Very peaceful.

  4. Valerie on

    I love seeing the world thru everyone’s cameras.
    Very nice!

  5. isathreadsoflife on

    Very summerly and serene. A lovely contribution to the “Water” theme. I never realized there were such “wars” between Danemark and Sweden, bridges do help bring people together, don’t they ? 🙂

  6. Gerry on

    Look at that – if my ancestors had stayed in Sweden I’d be looking at that very view. OK, maybe looking back at you across that blue, blue water, and scheming to march across the bridge and invade the bakeries of Copenhagen . . .

    I like the progression from bedrock to stones to water to sail on the horizon. It invites reflection.

  7. kcjewel on

    i feel like i’m right there… i wish i was!!! i appreciate your story as well.

  8. kcjewel on

    p.s. speaking of stories… burstmode failed to tell that oklahoma played most of the game without their AWESOME quarterback. hence the “trouncing” haha

  9. Nye on

    giiid, beautiful image. I’ve seen so many beautiful water images the last couple of days and really like this assignment, water tells a lot about our history.

  10. Scott Thomas Photography on

    A history lesson and a wonderful photo of water. Thank you, Brigitte, for participating in this assignment.

  11. Preston Surface on

    Wonderful photo and very interesting story.

  12. Dinesh on

    Its been a long m visiting you. As always this is awesome.
    I love the scene.
    Now tell me, How are you?

  13. kanniduba on

    Beautiful composition Giid!

  14. Deanna on

    What a beautiful and serene image Birgitte…and I wonder what stories the people on the boat in the distance have to tell?

  15. giiid on

    You have good eyes for the history in “small” objects, and it´s funny that YOU ask this, because: This boat had a split-flag waving, which only the the royal family use, and we guess our crown prins was on board. He is a very good sailor and had just returned from a contest in Australia some days before. They probably have been talking about nice experiences from YOUR part of the world. 🙂

  16. Deanna on

    Wow – how exciting and it makes your image even more special! Tales from “Down Under”….as we sometimes say from this part of the world
    : – )
    Thanks Birgitte

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