congratulations buket

Congratulations to the Americans with the nobel price!


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  1. Nye on

    I was kind of surprised to read about that also.

  2. Nye on

    Btw, your roses are beautiful and healthy looking. 🙂

  3. Flower Boy on

    my favourite! gorgeous pink roses

  4. isathreadsoflife on

    Congratulations indeed for this great news ! And your roses and environment could not look more peaceful.

  5. Martha on

    I’m cheering for him and read that he was “surprised and deeply humbled.”

  6. deirdrea on

    Gorgeous roses, Birgitte!

    I was very surprised by the news — and, I have to admit, I almost wished the prize had gone to Greg Mortensen (for instance).

    But perhaps, rather than being a burden for our president, this prize will help him to accomplish his stated goals. I really hope so, and I wish him the best!

    And I thank you for the thought, and the beautiful flowers.
    Lovely photo, as always!

  7. Scott Thomas Photography on

    I hope our President gets see your photos. I think America is a bit surprised by this honor since he’s only been in office for a few months. I wonder if it had more to do with our last President.

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