apples and light 800X719


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  1. burstmode on

    Oh, so very nice. Especially the second one!

    • giiid on

      Thanks burstmode, you know I appreciate your opinion.

  2. Nye on

    Is it apple harvest season in your area also? Our apple festival was last weekend and it rained, so I didn’t get to take any picture, but the apples were good.

    • giiid on

      Yes, here it is also the time for apples,- and any other fruit, and there are a lot this year, because of the warm summer. Actually the farmers intend to throw some of the fruit away, to keep the market in balance…!

  3. Scott Thomas Photography on

    Both show how light creates the mood. Lovely!

    • giiid on

      You are right about that. I´m trying to catch all the light I can, to use in the dark months.

  4. thedailyclick on

    Very nice! The apples look delicious!

    • giiid on

      They are, but unfortunately they cant be kept for the winter like some other kinds can. We have to make a lot of apple cakes…but noone likes apple cake if it is served every day. That lead me to the good old recipes about making jam and other is hard work to be an apple tree owner 🙂

      • Scott Thomas Photography on

        Don’t forget to make some apple sauce! You can freeze that. My Mom makes lots of it and then brings it out all winter long. Very yummy…oh, my Mom’s secret. Add cinnamon for some added flavor.

  5. seeharhed on

    Hello giiid, I just want to stop and say hello. Those apples look so good, nice contrast of light on those pictures.

    • giiid on

      Hello Seeharhed, and thank you for commenting.

  6. Gerry on

    Something about the light on the apples makes me feel as if I, too, am inside the basket, hiding out from the pesky world, reading a good book, surrounded by fragrance.

    • giiid on

      I see what you mean, and have already made some measurement to see if this idea could come through. Finaly a place to read a book without being disturbed by anything – except from the apples, of course. I realy like the idea.

  7. isathreadsoflife on

    More autumnal beauty :)I love how you play with light and shade giving a different and precious look to all that you see. Thanks for sharing, Giiid.

    • giiid on

      Thank you Isa. I think it´s fun to play with (natural) light and shadow,one never know when it change, -at least here in DK with all these clouds.

  8. deirdrea on

    What a beautiful picture! But it’s making me very hungry. I’m going to go munch on a fresh-picked apple right away!

    Lovely! Beautiful colors and the sunshine is so intense….

    • giiid on

      I´m trying to catch all the sunshine I can, before the winter comes. Thank you Deirdrea.

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