Does it rain at Vanuatu?

Maybe you have noticed the flagcounter I have on this blog? Some time ago, I saw it on  Nivins blog Wollreflections, and thought it might be fun to have one myself. I installed it, (no problem) and found out that it is not only fun, but  educational too, because every flag has a link to a very informative page about everything that can be told about that country/state/place.

Today I learned about the Republic of Vanuatu. Did you know about this lovely island…? I´m just wondering why anyone at Vanuatu spend time in front of a computer, having paradise outside…comming to think of laptops,  they can be used under palm trees too, I suppose. 
Well, I will take a walk in the rain, and think about Vanuatu.





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  1. thedailyclick on

    How fun! I think I will check it out and get one for my blog, too.

    • giiid on

      Great, and you have already three different countries at your counter! This will be fun to watch developing.

  2. Dinesh on

    wow!! the scene is looking so calm and beautiful. There’s lot of stuff in the scene that draws my eyes. I can also see the vanishing point of the footpath. 🙂 nicely clicked.

    • giiid on

      One of the interesting thing about blogging is to see photos from other part of the world,- AND to read about what other bloggers see in ones own photos. I am very happy to read about all the things you see in this photo, to me it is daily life, and I´m just noticing a wet street, and thinking about what kind of clothes to wear not to get cold or wet:-)

  3. Gerry on

    I’m going out on a limb and guessing that it might rain in Vanuatu-just not as often as it rains in Denmark or northern Michigan. At least you made the most of it! Nicely clicked indeed.

    • giiid on

      Gerry, I didn´t expect such dangerous action, just to help me, and hasted to read all about Vanuatu, to let you go back safe. The dictionary says :ON A LIMB – “In an exposed or dangerous position.
      After having read about the weather at Vavuatu, I think that being on that limb is more safe than being at Vanatua:

      Copy from the flagcounter:
      moderate rainfall from November to April; may be affected by cyclones from December to April

      tropical cyclones or typhoons (January to April); volcanic eruption on Aoba (Ambae) island began 27 November 2005, volcanism also causes minor earthquakes; tsunamis.

  4. Nye on

    I thought it was bad driving in a heavy rain today, I wonder what it feels like riding a bicycle in a rain.

    • giiid on

      That question explains why we are so interested in the weather – and wind direction. Riding against a headwind is more irritating than having the wind behind, but the special clothes for rainy weather does the job well. We are not used to storms, in that case most people doesn´t go biking.

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