Tiles and bricks

 tegl - tiles

yellow brick


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  1. burstmode on

    I like the second one a lot…it has a sense of mystery, even a sadness with it.

  2. giiid on

    That´s interesting, I find it a little sad, too. I´m not sure why, the only accosiation I get is a church, or some kind of fence…ofcourse they are both subjects that can be very posetive and very negative, depending on the purpose of being there….

  3. Nye on

    They made me think of Vietnam, I’m not sure why, and I’ve never been there.

  4. Scott Thomas Photography on

    I think they both hold a mystery and the red color of the material really pops.

  5. giiid on

    Nye and Scott, thank you for telling. It´s actually very interesting to learn about how different a photo can be read. Maybe an idea for some kind of a new assignment…

  6. erikatakacs on

    Very earthy, I like the second one a lot.

  7. giiid on

    Erika, I am always thinking of you and your sculptures, when I take photos of structure. Knowing about your work has made me see it in another light.

  8. erikatakacs on

    Birgitte, I consider myself the forever student, so it’s a surprising, uplifting and humbling experience to hear my sculpture has any kind of effect on others, especially from an accomplished photographer like yourself.

    • giiid on

      You are too modest, Erika, ofcourse your work has an effect at me and other viewers. You can converte thoughts and ideas into 3D, that is special! I find it interesting to see at your blog how you are working, and you surely have made some very nice sculptures.

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