The royal Danish Guards


Every day, The royal Danish Guards are marching through Copenhagen. 

Today is the birthday of the crown prince of Denmark,  the guard will surely play for him in one way or another. You can read about prince Frederik and the royal family at this webpage


7 comments so far

  1. burstmode on

    It seems that style of hat is quite popular with royal guards!

    • giiid on

      Yes! As far as I know, it is because it makes the soldier look tall. I am afraid that this kind of threats isn´t enough anymore…

  2. Nye on

    The Thais also wore something like this during the royal celebration, and Thailand is very hot and humid, they sort of dress like the British guards.

    • giiid on

      Oh, I hope the uniforms are made out of light material.

  3. The Invisible Agent on

    I love their hats!

  4. giiid on

    They are made out of bearskin, very hot to wear in summertime, but very impressing.

  5. Anjeanette on

    Oh this is wonderful!! I imagine they would get hot in their uniforms.

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