RGB with lines

 red wood and sunshine green leave with water 900X877 blue sky3
 red wood and sunshine green leave with water 900X877 blue sky3
 red wood and sunshine green leave with water 900X877 blue sky3

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  1. CheyAnne Sexton on

    I love rhubarb plants, they are so big and wonderfully colorful, I have to get one for both our gardens

    • giiid on

      I´ve just picked some today. The big size leaves are so impressing, I´m always thinking that there must be something, they can be used for…

  2. CheyAnne Sexton on

    yeah I’ve wondered that too. It always reminds me of a babies diaper in the days before cloth and way before disposable. Can’t you just picture our ancestor gathering women thinking and possibly using it that way? cause they are pretty tough as well
    peace n abundance
    ps strawberry/rhubarb pie is excellent

  3. burstmode on

    I like how you did this one…very nice.

  4. Scott Thomas Photography on

    I’d never would have thought of this. Well done!

    • giiid on

      Oh, thank you. This was just to make the three photos a little more interesting, – now that I had written RGB, they had to be seen at the same time, so I had to make them small. But three small photos…they were not sooo interesting, and my photos use to be a square…that was how I was thinking. Just solving a problem,- you would have done the same, I think.

  5. kcjewel on

    nice display of RGB!!

  6. Gerry on

    Great execution of your concept – and what I love best is the contrast of textures!

  7. MartinTSI on

    Another really nice image – and concept.

  8. giiid on

    Thank you, kcjewel, Gerry and Martin. I am always realy glad to know what you think about my (strange) ideas.

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