Wet sundown

wet sunset

We have had  rather heavy rain and thunder these days. It is said, that the global warming is to blame, and that this changes will continue and change our harmless weather. We have to learn how to handle this, as well as we have to do every thing we can to stop the pollution. The rainy sundown do look nice, though!

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  1. burstmode on

    It is a wonderful photo.

    I come from a very science-oriented family. The debate on global warming is being won in the media and not by the facts. While the earth’s temperature has increased in the past 100 years, it should be noted that the period prior to the increase was a cold one. In fact, the earth is not nearly as warm as it has been and, of course, it has been considerably colder.

    The question is man’s role in the temperature increases. To this date, the evidence that man is directly responsible for the temperature increases is mostly in the self-serving media that never met a crisis it didn’t like.

    • giiid on

      I agree with you, Burstmode; Like you and your family, I (and my family)also tend to focus at results from science. The media and those who have certain interests, have a tendency to conclude what ever will increase their own point of view, when refering the articles, knowing that many people doesn´t have time or knowledge to read science results themself.
      About the global heating;
      I know that the temperature has been changing all time. I belive that certain human activity can increase the problem. The important question is to find out what that is to avoid it, and ensure that when we are leaving this earth, it will still be possible for our children and next generations to live a good life.

  2. Ginger on

    It’s a lovely picture, it looks happy to me. It has been raining a lot in our area also, but I’m not complaining since the rain does wonders for my garden. 🙂

  3. thedailyclick on

    It does look pretty!
    We’ve had a very wet spring here, too, so far. I’m ready for the clouds to go away and the sun to come out (and stay a while!)

  4. Wildblack on

    Lovely shot! Here the temperature is 50 degree celsius(midday), and rising day by day! So for me this shot is very pleasing! 😀
    I think global warming is a part of the evolution and it cant be stopped! We have to cope with it! everyday!

  5. giiid on

    50…everything would melt down here at 50! If we reach more than 30, which is very seldom, many problems appears. I would like to know what you are doing, to avoid damages from the sun. Do you stay inside at midday, with shops closed? Thank you for your comment.

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