Sunwatch walk

The north of Zealand

This photo was taken at 1 am pm. We are at the top of  Zealand. The country in the horizon is……do you know?————————
Scott Thomas is right, it is Sweden.
Only a few km. away, in the city Helsingør, it is possible to see our neighbour Sweden.

map zealand kronborg


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  1. Maria M on


  2. giiid on

    No 🙂 Australia is about as far as you can travel from here. (I think you mistake Zealand for being New Zealand, which I can´t blame you.) Thank you for joining this little game.

  3. Ginger on


    1 Am and still day light, when do you know when to go to sleep?

    • giiid on

      Oh, sorry! 1pm. ofcourse! I better correct it in the text.
      The answer is not Debmark 🙂

      ps. We are not using the am and pm in Denmark, we use the 24 houers system, here it should say 13.

  4. Scott Thomas Photography on


    • giiid on

      Yes, you are right Scott, it is Sweden! Thanks for joining. I will post a
      photo taken in another city, to show how close that city is to Sweden.

      • Scott Thomas Photography on

        Well, what do ya know, I got one right. I think a lot of people forget how close Denmark is to Sweden and Norway and is a Scandinavian country.

        Hey, does Denmark like hockey too like your neighbors?

  5. giiid on

    I am not the right to ask about sport, but as far as I can see here,
    every big city has an Icehockey(Ishockey)club.

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