mosaic in Tivoli

This mosaic sculpture, which is placed in Tivoli,  is made by Lin Utzon, the daughter of the famous architect Jørn Utzon. (Sidney opera). I am a big fan of Lin Utzons artwork, and I am trying to find a website with all her work. In the meanwhile:


Lin Utzon and her brother in Sidney 


I found this for you:


5 comments so far

  1. thedailyclick on

    Pretty! Is it always this shiny, or is it wet?

  2. Scott Thomas Photography on

    You have a great eye for finding and zeroing in on patterns around you. I just walk right past them.

  3. giiid on

    Michaela, I have posted a photo to show you how it looks,

    Scott, thank you for the nice compliment.

  4. awalkabout on

    Beautiful! I love the shadowed appearance of the reflections…..

  5. giiid on

    I´m glad to know that you like it too, Barb. I can´t find any website with all Lin Utzons work, I´m still searching. I think you would like some of her other work too. Thank you for commenting on this.

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