The colors have returned


The weather has changed, and spring is definitely here. Some days with cleaning and digging the garden has given me a new friend, the blackbird, who seems to be realy pleased with my great worm-digging-skills. Actually I am beginning to feel like an employed, when it impatient stare at me, clearly hoping that I will do my worm-finding-job quickly, and then move on to another spot in the garden.

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  1. thedailyclick on

    How pretty!
    Happy Spring!

  2. Ginger on

    Very refreshing indeed, can’t wait to see more of your garden. 🙂

  3. giiid on

    Thank you Michaela. I´m not quite sure about how far your spring has come in Texas? Wish you a happy spring, too.

    Ginger, your expectations of my garden´s great look could possibly make me work a lot harder out there. Thank you in advance 🙂

  4. Gerry on

    Thanks for posting colors. We can use some . . . !

  5. deirdrea on

    Beautiful, Birgitte!

    Enjoy the Spring, and a very happy Easter time to you and your family!


  6. giiid on

    Thank you Deirdrea. I wish you a happy Easter, too.

  7. Scott Thomas Photography on

    Still very uncolorful in upstate NY but it’s been unseasonably cold the past week. When it warms up later this week, things should start to grow again. Of course, that means I’ll be mowing the lawn soon. 😛

  8. giiid on

    Thank you Scott. This lawn might be your free fitness-area…I had to use the wordbook, to find out what you were going to move…and got a bit surprised. On the other hand, Danish is as wierd when it comes to treat grass, we “beat the grass”. I presume the grass prefer to be moved rather that beaten 🙂

  9. Oh, Birgitte, that’s so cute! I love it!
    “Beating” would certainly keep that grass down! –(what’s the Danish word, BTW?)

    I think Scott said “mowing” and not “moving,” though 😀


  10. giiid on

    LOL- that was funny!! Clearing up the misunderstanding leave the Danes alone having strange grass treatment then, but considering that we were vikings in the past, it maybe not that wierd…


    Thank you for sending this funny correction 🙂

  11. Scott Thomas Photography on

    As much as I would love to MOVE the grass so I don’t have to mow it, I’m stuck mowing it. 🙂 It is a good workout and tedious but I have my trusty iPod to keep me company.

  12. giiid on


  13. toboss on

    gerat pictures!!!
    colourful and fresh!!

  14. giiid on

    Thank you, Toboss.

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