Time for posting a photo as entry to Scott Thomas assignment. 
This time the subject is storytelling.  In the first place, I will let the photo speak for itself, in my next post I will take over.

6 comments so far

  1. Saint Jonny on

    Ha! The reflection in the mirror looks like you’ve done a bad photoshop edit – the way the arm fades and is cut off!

  2. burstmode on

    It is an interesting photo

  3. Scott Thomas Photography on

    Cool shot.

  4. Gerry on

    I think it’s interesting that while most of us went near, mid-distance, far you went above, surface, deep below! As always, I love what you do with color.

  5. Ginger on

    This is a great shot, good view from above. 😉

  6. giiid on

    Thank you for your comments.

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