For some unknown reason, it suddenly became possible to enlarge photos at this blog. I have no idea why, but never mind, I´m just pleased that it works again. Here is some ice, to cool down the tulip fire at my last post.

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  1. erikatakacs on

    Very abstract. I love it.

  2. Ginger on

    This made me think of the time when we’ve our ice storm, sheet of ice on our windshield.

  3. rvewong on

    I sure appreciate the bigger images, it’s tough to appreciate the small ones.

  4. giiid on

    Thank you for your comment, Erika and Ginger.

    You are right, rvewong, I prefer the bigger images too. Now that the enlargement works again, I will make my collages as I used to do before, with a possibility to enlarge every photo seperately.

  5. toboss/Rsa on

    First time i see this post, i think a similar name of my lovely flower, but….. mmmm… really ice blue

    🙂 nice post

  6. giiid on

    I just wennt to your blog; your photos fram Megathan are very interesting. I saw your lovely flower:
    Thank you for your comment.

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