A cold apple

A cold apple 


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  1. uphilldowndale on


  2. giiid on


  3. Gerry on

    A blushing apple planet orbited by a dark cherry moon . . . in cold blue space!

  4. giiid on

    Thank you Gerry, I see what you mean. Beautiful interpretation.

  5. Ginger on

    I’m glad it’s not that cold around here. 🙂

  6. deirdrea on

    Beautiful pictures, as always!

    & they make me feel nice and cozy, too, since I am indoors!

    I loved your post about the Christmas ornaments, too, Birgitte. Is the red one you picture really made of straw? It looks like thread or yarn.

    Very lovely, though — thanks!

  7. giiid on

    Lucky you, Ginger. It is cold these days. I´ve just heard about -26 dg.C in Germany, but even the temperature is low, it is the level of wind and humidity that depends how cold it feels.

    Deirdrea, I am glad that you liked the posts about Christmas. The little red ornament is not made of straw, it is a wooden thing. I don´t know it´s history, but will find out.

  8. dinesh on

    I’m feeling this apple as a little planet that hits smoothly on a big one with a soft surface. The inclination shows tension too 🙂 nice shot.

  9. giiid on

    It is very interesting to know what story the pictures are telling. Your story contains space just like Gerrys did, I like this interpretation, as it contains awareness about something bigger than what we can see right here.

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