Linking about Christmas ornaments…

Christmas ornament from Sweden

I wrote about Danish Christmas traditions in December, and took some photos of old ornaments, that I have from my mother. One of them was of unknown origin, and I didn´t post its photo.

My blogfriend Mrs. UHDD  Uphilldowndale  (England) mentioned  my Christmas-writting  at her blog  and made a link.  A blogfriend of Mrs. UHDD, Gerry (USA), followed the link, read my post, and decided to write about  their old family ornaments from Sweden . I went to read Mrs. UHDD´s blog yesterday, and afterwards to read Gerrys post about the Swedish ornaments…and what did I see…the ornament that I didn´t know the story about. As my mother in her younger days was living in sweden for a while, this ornament must have been some of the Swedish things that she brought back to Denmark.

This was great to find out. But the story doesn´t end here. Some hours later, still yesterday, “Madsilence” (USA) a blogfriend of my blogfriend Erika (Canada), wrote a comment to my posts about straw ornaments, about their old ornaments from Poland .

Now, the reason why I am telling you all this, is just to show a daily picture of the joy and advantage of blogging 🙂

3 comments so far

  1. uphilldowndale on

    It’s blogging magic!!

  2. Gerry on

    Imagine my delight to be part of this chain of happy family memories! Thanks, Birgitte–and thanks Heather Uphilldowndale for leading me to this lovely blog.

  3. madsilence on

    Birgitte, I’m amazed at the world-wide connections that can be made via the web. A good way to form communities of like-minded people.

    Straw is a common & inexpensive medium for craft work, especially in farming communities. Go here ( to learn more of Polish straw folk crafts.

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