December 20


All schools are closed now, and the students are having  hollidays until January 5. Many companies are closed in the same period. It seems like everyone went to Copenhagen today, to buy presents.

24.12 is Christmas. The families will meet and have dinner together, dance around the christmas tree, and give presents.

25.12 is called  “First christmas day, this is the day for christmas lunch with other parts of the  family, or with friends. Same plan for 26.12, wich is called second christmas day. Every shop is closed from 24.12 – 26.12.

On 27.12 wich this year is a saturday, everyone will hurry to town, to shop or change gifts that wasn´t the right size or maybe had the wrong color…

Then new years eve has to be planned. A very busy time!


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  1. thedailyclick on

    Sounds a lot like Germany, where Christmas is celebrated on the 24th and the 25th & 26th are holidays and everything is closed.
    Here in the US, Christmas is celebrated on the 25th (not in my house, though, I get to celebrate on the 24th, just lihe home 🙂 ) and only the 25th is a holiday.

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