December 18


Christmas is a busy time!  Now we have to make some traditional chokolates (christmas-candy) made out of marzipan, chokolate, and nougat. Take a look here to see some results.


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  1. thedailyclick on

    I’ll pass on the marzipan, but I’ll take some chocolate and especially nougat! 🙂
    (I should NOT have clicked on that link! Too many good things there! LOL)

  2. rvewong on

    I love chocolate but living in Canada has it’s downside. Let me explain. Consumer products follow the american model, “cheap is good”. This means that it is difficult to get quality items that cost more.

    For chocolate we have a limited selection of european brands. The best that I have sampled always seem to come from Switzerland.

    I suspect your Danish perspective allows you to sample a much wider selection of fine chocolate.

  3. giiid on

    Switzerland and Belgium are known for making the best chocolate. Buying good and dark chocolate, with 75% (or more)cocoa, is very modern here, wich means that it is very easy to find and buy. I can make a post about this, even it doesn´t help you much.
    It is said, that dark chocolate is as healthy as red wine.

  4. rvewong on

    I think the best chocolate I’ve tasted came from Belgium via a buddy. It was the only chocolate I’ve ever seen that needed to be refrigerated. Don’t know the brand.

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