December 16


Two nisser helping each other carry the RISENGRØD. Christmas dinner has to be planned soon. The menu is:

Wikipedia:  In Denmark the traditional Christmas meal served on December 24th consists of either roasted pork, goose or duck. This is served along with potatoes, red cabbage and plenty of gravy. It is followed with a dessert of rice pudding, often with an almond hidden inside, the lucky finder of which is entitled to a present referred to as the almond gift.

Wikipedia forgot an important part of the dinner: the sugar-browned potatoes. Small white potatoes, covered with melted sugar, this will make them look brown, and the name is “Browned potatoes. They are made by melting sugar at a pan, until it looks brown, then put the boiled potatoes into, and turn them around until the sugar stick on them.

I also have to point out, that the MANDEL GAVE – almont gift , and the rules of how to get the almont, ( and especial how to get the gift), can course some discussions, if two familys are celebrating Christmas dinner together. For the most with laughter. The gift is traditionaly a marzipan-pig, with a red ribbon.

The dessert is not RISENGRØD, but RISENGRØD with whipped cream, vanilla, and almonds,- and cherry sauce.

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  1. Anjeanette on

    Your picture is adorable.

    I’ve never heard of browned potatoes. This is so fun to see what you usually eat. Sounds so yummy.

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