December 10



You need a special pan to make ÆBLESKIVER. Busy people without time for baking, can buy frozen ÆBLESKIVER, and just put them in the oven. This is much faster, though not as tasty as homemade!

Read  more about Æbleskiver here

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  1. giovanna on

    wow.. they look good! do you think is possible to do them without the special pan? i may try with a small muffin pan .. if you give me the recipe 😉
    hugs from italy,

  2. deirdrea on

    Ooh, they sound so delicious!

    I second giovanna’s question — do you have a recipe that might work for us?

    (Wikipedia says a cross between American pancakes and popovers — two of my favorite things!)

  3. Anjeanette on

    I have my own broken in aebleskiver pan!! We always make them at Christmas time. I can’t believe you can buy them…I guess they are frozen?

    Do you put anything inside yours? We like a little jelly. I also like a little powdered sugar on top. But I’ll eat them straight from the pan too. We love them.

    On TV, they now sell the pans and market them as “pancake puffs” and act like it is a new invention.
    Really it is an Aebleskiver pan.

  4. thedailyclick on

    They look sooo good!!

  5. giiid on

    I will find the best recipe, and post it. There are so many, and as you write Anjeanette, there are also different traditions of putting something inside or not. The original idea (old days)was a piece(=skive) of apple (= æble, that was imersed (put down into) in some kind of batter. A little titbit for the workers at the farm at special ocasions.

  6. December 11 « My 2008 blog on

    […] can see (and buy) the pan at this link , send by Anjeanette  in a comment here. In Denmark Æbleskiver is only Christmas […]

  7. Ginger on

    This is a very neat tray, very similar to what we used to make one of our desert but I’ve a hard time finding it in the US, this might be a good substitute.

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