December 9

julestjerner Euphorbia

This flower (Euphorbia) is used as a “Christmas-flower” in Denmark. It is called a  “Christmas-star”.  If you are invited to have GLØG and ÆBLESKIVER (I will explain about this later) somewhere, you can bring either at Christmas star, some tulips or a Crocus to the host.

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  1. CheyAnne Sexton on

    what we call a poinsettia here sounds so much more beautiful called a Christmas-star.

  2. giiid on

    I think you have this plant all year? We only have it around Christmas, they are made in greenhouses. I looked at wikipedia, and found this:

    Until the 1990s, the Paul Ecke Family of Encinitas, California, had a virtual monopoly on poinsettias owing to a technological secret that made it difficult for others to compete…

    More at:

  3. Anjeanette on

    Ooh I love the name Christmas Star!

  4. thedailyclick on

    You see them around Christmas everywhere here, too. I’ve never bought one, though.

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