December 5

Time for Julefrokost  or “Christmas-lunch” , directly translated. From this week-end untill two days after Christmas, every company, family, groups of any kind, will get together to have a nice lunch / dinner. I think I have to ask Wikipedia once more to explain in details.

In the week-ends, trains and busses will drive all night, to bring people safely home.

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  1. uphilldowndale on

    That sounds very nice, how much weight do you gain? 🙂
    The Wiki link didn’t work for me

  2. giiid on

    Oh, thank you for telling me. I think the link is OK now.
    About the weight; The originaly christmas food was very fat, wich had relevance for hard working farmers. As most hard workers today uses the brain more than the muscles, the magazines have great succes with writting about diets in every form, in january.

  3. Visuallens on

    Nice and interesting series of stories and photos about the Christmas and I am following…

  4. deirdrea on

    I love this photo! So atmospheric!

    &I’m trying to remember a recent YA fantasy title featuring some of those nisser & a mill….

    I’ll have to ask my sister, I think.

    Thanks for the fascinating posts, & have a great weekend!


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