November shopping

30 am.

bikes in the rain

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  1. stphoto on

    Ugh…that’s November. Sunny for a bit than rainy, cold and damp for the rest.

  2. giiid on

    Yes, the summer seems SO far away, and the winter haven´t even begun yet. A difficult time of year.
    A danish poet and writer Henrik Nordbrandt, wrote it this way:
    (The year has 16 months)

    Året har 16
    måneder: November
    december, januar,
    februar, marts, april,
    maj, juni, juli,
    august, september,
    oktober, november,
    november, november,

  3. cindydyer on

    Hi Birgitte!

    I love the shot of the bicycle reflections in the water. Great shot! And thanks for the recent comment on my blog, too!


  4. CheyAnne Sexton on

    yea that photo reflection with the bicycle is nice

  5. Anjeanette on

    Ooh yes I totally love the reflection image as well! Very nice!

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