Good luck

The weather haven´t been inviting to any kind of outdoor activity today. Cold, rainy, and already dark at 4:30 pm. Never mind, we are waiting inside to hear the latest news from the election in USA. I wish all my american bloggerfriends a good election, hoping that the result will match your wishes.


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  1. Anjeanette on

    Oh this is great! I wish I could see better what the houses there look like. I love the drive way and the house across the street with lights on. Feels so cozy.

    And thanks for your interest in our elections;) I am excited to hear what happens now;)

  2. giiid on

    Anjeanette, I will post photos of houses, now that I know you are interested in seeing them. I am glad you told me.

    Most people here are VERY interested in the election, we can read about it in all the newspapers and follow it at the TV. Because of the time difference, we have to stay up all night, or get up early in the morning, to have the result when it is ready.

  3. masdhenk on

    woow,nice night shoot !!
    by the way at the same time ( 04 November 2008), in my province also had a local election ( for governoor if East java)

  4. visuallens on


    It is a calm cool night and everyone in the world is watching..Breaking news is Obama has won the presidential election.He is the first black president of united states.

    Hope he will bring some changes and something good to our blogfriends in United States and other part of the world.

  5. Denise Turner on

    Hi Birgitte,

    This is a lovely picture. Thanks for wishing us the best in the USA. Now that Obama has won, my faith has been restored in the election process. I’m hoping for wonderful changes ahead. 🙂

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