Who is at the door….


Celebrating Halloween Halloween in Denmark is a new idea, and still not a tradition, but the interesse is increasing as events happens.

The american ambassador in Denmark James Cain who is living in this area, invited all children at the neighborhood, to come and have some candy at his house. A google translation of the news (demands some creativity to read) here. The head line says: “You haven´t seen the ambassador like this before”


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  1. erikatakacs on

    I didn’t know there’s trick-or-treating in Denmark! I love the handmade costums. Here the kids mostly wear commercial, store bought ones. Only a few of them use their own imagination. Pity.

  2. giiid on

    Hi Erika. I wanted to explain a little yesterday, but was in a hurry.
    We have only known Halloween in Denmark for about 10 years,and it is still something that families with small children are celebrating. It will most likely become a tradition, as the children get use to have the day, and the shops to have the money 🙂

  3. visuallens on

    I don’t know much about Halloween celebration over here. It looks like a big celebration in United States.

  4. stphoto on

    It’s very commercialized in the US. I love all these homemade costumes these kids wore. Even a Knights Templar. :->

  5. Anjeanette on

    Oh this is great! I love their costumes.

  6. rvewong on

    As a kid in Canada, I can say Halloween was great, second only to Christmas. It is interesting to see what some other countries are doing.

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