This beautiful photo is from my husbands travel to Greenland. I was planning to show it to you today. This morning, the Newspaper headline  was saying:

New satellite data are showing a new record for the melting of the ice cap at north . Researchers estimate that there is a risk of up to two meters sea rise during this century.
Translated with Google translater here )

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  1. visuallens on

    Thanks for sharing some of the nice photos on Greenland taken by your husband. It is getting worry that the ice cap is keep on melting

  2. giiid on

    Yes it is. It would make a great difference if all people understood, that every every tiny action count and it is possible to make a difference by acting just a little more responsible. But knowing what to do as a responsible act must come first. We are talking a lot about CO2 and how to make alternate energy, here in Denmark. We have many modern windmills now, and are planning to make a lot more.

  3. rvewong on

    Birgitte, Your husband is doing a great job with his camera.

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