Gray “potatoes holiday”-day

All the schools are closed this week, because of the yearly autumn-holiday or “Potatoes holiday”. This holiday are always in week number 42 (we are using week numbers, I understand that it isn´t common everywhere?) and originally made to make it possible for the school children to work at the farms with collecting potatoes. Today the potatoes holiday are a week full of entertainments for kids or holidays far away from Danish potatoes. For the ones that stayed at home, this was the sight of day 4.


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  1. Anjeanette on

    Ooh I love to learn about how things are in Denmark. This is wonderful! Thank you so much for sharing. I’m loving all your fall pictures, but I also love the stories that go with the pictures.

  2. erikatakacs on

    Another nice beach picture, you’re very good at them

  3. awalkabout on

    And I thought we had strange holidays. Our kids get off school the Monday after Thanksgiving because it’s the first day of deer hunting season. Why is THAT worth a day off school???

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