Copenhagen pigeons


We went to the center of Copenhagen today, to meet some friends in front of the City Hall. While we were waiting, wedding guests came out from the City Hall in great numbers. Everyone very happy, including the pigeons that are having a feast at every wedding. (Eating the rice, you know)

The City Hall pigeons (rådhusduer) are been taking care of, by the goverment, though some politicians have tried to stop that tradition. Newspaper article here.


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  1. thedailyclick on

    Very nice! It looks much warmer than when I was there! 😉

  2. visuallens on

    Looking at the nice photos of Copenhagen, I just feel like going there a holiday.

  3. giiid on

    You are very welcome visuallens, I shall promise to guide you and your family around!
    And Michaela, the weather maybe looks warm, but it is cold…today it is only 13 degrees. Did you come here in wintertime?

  4. thedailyclick on

    Yes, I was there in January (1987) and it was VERY cold!!

  5. visuallens on

    Thanks!I am sure to inform you if i am going. Definately not in winter as I can’t stand the cool weather below 0 degree.

  6. recu on

    Hey…great pic of copenhagen.!!

  7. Ginger on

    I like the old world charm looks, I see a lot of people are using bicycle there, must be very popular in Europe.

  8. giiid on

    It is very common to use the bike, most people have one. Small children start biking as soon as their parents have time to borrow or buy one. My mother in law is 88, she is still biking. There are bicycle path along most streets and it is not popular to use the car for short distances,-even many people do it. We are talking very much about the CO2 problem.

  9. […] Denmark is number 3 most friendly cities in the world for bikers, below is a photo from her post Copenhagen pigeons. Copenhagen photo by giiid at […]

  10. Cecil Treadwell on

    Being originally born and raised in Denver, Colorado, there are plenty of sunny days in mid-winter where the the streets are dry even though there is un-melted snow on the lawn areas. Bicycling can take place without having mud and water slung on you by the wheels and there is even the chance of breaking a sweat if your bike ride is a long one and you are over-dressed. This is also ideal weather for a good walk with extra care taken to not put on too many layers of clothing. There are plenty of good opportunities to bicycle in Copenhagen and other places during the winter without the cold temperatures being any kind of real hindrance.

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