Led Zeppelin jam


40 years ago, Led Zeppelin made their first koncert at the Teenclub, at a school in Gladsaxe, Denmark. As I was student at that school, and had participated in the “Teen club” life back then, I decided to join the 40 years anniversary, and went back to listen to the “Led Zeppelin jam” with my son.

You can read the story about Led Zeppelin in Denmark here.

“Led Zepelin jam” made a very good concert, and the enthusiasm was in top. I must say though, that I wonder how other people can listen to music at that volume without earplugs…I never go to noisy places without. That habit was very usefull yesterday 🙂


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  1. Susan on

    Led Zeppelin is one of my favourite group. Before 40 years I was not born yet but my parents were the fans of Led Zep, Deep Purple and etc. When I first listen how sang Robert and how play Jimmy, John Paul Jones and John Bogham a liked them forever.

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