Autumn is here


In Denmark, autumn starts on September 1, whether it is cold or not. From now on, the weather will be more cold and more dark each week until December 22, which is the shortest day of the year. That day the sun is here for 6 hours and 53 minutes.

This is also the time for garden spiders, I realized when I opened the front door, and walked straight into a web. They are harmless, but a bit distracting to have in the hair.


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  1. Matt George on

    Wow, I don’t think I would like the spider or web in my hair. Amazingly close photo of the spider. Nice capture!

  2. Deanna on

    Great images once again Birgitte – I love the textures you capture through your lens!
    September the 1st is the first day of Spring here in New Zealand – so it’s a wonderful thought for me that we will be leaving Winter behind though maybe not so good a thought for you. I hope you’re having a great week : – )

  3. uphilldowndale on

    Right on cue, the first field spider came indoors and scuttled across the carpet on the evening of September the 1st. The last few weeks have been so grey, I don’t feel my personal ‘sun shine batteries’ are suitable charged for the winter months.. Although September can be a nice dry sunny month, so fingers crossed.

  4. visuallens on

    Nice colorful photos…As long as the poisonous spider keep away from the house.I start to understand more about autumn in your country.I just don’t have the chance to experience it as the weather in Malaysia is hot all the year.

  5. giiid on

    Matt George, I have seen your photos, and a very different style. I like your humor, and I have added your blog to my blogroll.

  6. giiid on

    Deanna, while we are preparing for the cold days that will come, it is a comfort to know that spring hasn´t disappeared, it just went on holiday at New Zealand.
    You can do a big favor to me, mrs. Uhdd from uphilldowndale and others, by posting some of all that sunshine you will get, at your blog.

  7. giiid on

    Mrs. Uhdd, I will cross fingers, too. The lack of light, can realy influence the level of energi. Trying to find at least one good thing about the dark; the wrinkles are not as easy to see…

  8. giiid on

    Visuallens, one of the things that I enjoy about blogging, is the possibility to learn about other cultures and other countries. I am glad if you can find that kind of news here, I will do my best to post informative photos beside my playing with colours.
    The spiders in Denmark are not poisonous, even some of them can bite. It happens so seldom that most people don´t know about it.

  9. cindydyer on

    Hi Birgitte!

    Love your spider photo as well as all the texture of autumn. Glad you liked my butterfly photos. Today’s it is pouring rain (remnants of Hurricane Hannah), so there won’t be any photography in the garden at the moment. My garden(s) are getting a good soaking, though.

  10. giiid on

    I like your photos of the butterflies very much, they are so beautiful. I will recomend everyone that reads this to take a look:

    by the way, your “comment-link” doesn´t work..

  11. rvewong on

    Interesting about your early start on autumn. When do your leave start to turn color? Here in Ottawa, Canada I think we stay warmer longer (maybe till the end of September) but I suspect we get colder and stay colder longer.

  12. giiid on

    Thank you for your comment, rvewong. It is difficult to say when the leaves will turn colours, they are still green here, but preparing for the change. It is depending of the weather, and as you are writing, we newer know how that will turn out. I will take a look at your blog, it is interesting to see pictures from Ottawa.

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