August colour mosaic



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  1. visuallens on

    I click to view all the pictures and they are beautiful.I specially love your macro flowers.Thanks to add my site to your blogroll

  2. giiid on

    As I have written before, I think it is amazing that we can look at the same pictures, at the same time,- being so far away from each other! I was just reading about the national day in Malaysia, at your blog. It is very interesting to learn some more about your country, and I am very pleased to know that I am at your blogroll, Thank you 🙂
    I use to make this mosaic every month, to have a general impression of the colours and the motives of that month. It is quite fun to make it, and I am very glad to receive your nice comment about it.

  3. Denise Turner on

    While all of these pictures are beautiful, I especially like the two taken of the wasp nest. You’ve really captured the intricate details of their craftsmanship! That soft yellow line going around the nest is so beautiful. It makes you realize just how amazing nature is– right down to the smallest detail. 🙂

  4. giiid on

    Every time I look at this yellow line, I am wondering. That was indeed a designer wasp… Thank you for the comment:-)

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