Wet pink rose

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  1. stphoto on

    Stunning! Do you use a Macro lens for your flower photos?

  2. Deanna on

    Luscious : – )

  3. giiid on

    Thank you Scott. I am not using a Macro, as my camera is a very simple FUJI finepix f40fd. I am looking for a new small SLR camera, with a clear live view screen, not too heavy, as discrete as possible, fast, – and not too expensive…

    To make these macro pictures, I have to be patient and wait until the automatic lens understand me…sometimes I have to give up, but I use to make these minutes a short moment of meditation, so at least I enjoy the trying.

    I wrote about my camera in another comment:

  4. giiid on

    Deanna, I had to find the word-book. Thank you for this new word, I think it suit the picture well.

  5. Denise Turner on

    Incredible! How do you do it?

    Thanks for the camera info, too.

  6. Ginger on

    I know what you mean about “wait until the automatic lens understand me” I had the same problem until I discover that I can switch to the manual mode, taking picture of small object is a lot easier for me now. This is a lovely picture of a rose.

  7. Gaye Johnson on

    That’s the ‘pink’ that I think of when I think ‘pink’……very nice picture!

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