Wasp wonder


As I was cleaning our little garden house this week-end, I found this beautiful work of art. I am so glad that the builder decided to leave, because I really hate sharing space (and food) with these insects. At the same time I must admit, that I can´t remember a building having impressed me like this one, as to effort and result.

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  1. sulochanosho on

    Indeed thrilled to know the wonder works of Wasp.
    It may be pardoxical, eventhough you hate to live with these believed to be hurting species called wasp, they lived there with you without hurting you and left known. Wonder, nature wonder!

  2. Ulla Hennig on

    I don’t like wasps either (having been stung some weeks ago), but the photos you took are impressing!

  3. erikatakacs on

    They are work of art. I bet they would be accepted in a juried show!

  4. stphoto on

    Natures’s little builders are a marvel. Lovely photos showing the wasps’ home.

  5. rvewong on

    Your wasp nests look quite different from ours. Here they look much like very thin grey paper. Every year I have a running battle with the wasps. Getting at least three large nests attached to the house usually near the roof. They attach the nest so well I have to get up on a two story ladder and scrub to clean it all off.

    The nasty ones are the hidden ones that you can accidentally disturb.

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