Water examination

Who wouldn´t like to do the same?
This fountain can be tryed out in the city Skive, in Jutland.

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  1. Dimlamp on

    I visited Skive last year 2007, it is a lovely little city.

  2. Denise Turner on

    This is a splendid shot! I’ve never been to Skive, but from this picture it looks like someplace I might like to go.

  3. giiid on

    Dimlamp, Thank you for the comment. I have more photos from Skive which I will post, maybe they will be interesting for you to see. It is the final renovation of the pedestrian precinct. I was in Skive last year too, and as far as I remember, they were still working at it then.

    I imagine that you have relatives in the North, with the surname you have? I have relatives in Calgery, as I understand is your area, – sometimes the world is very small.
    Your blog is very interesting reading, I will certainly read more.

  4. giiid on

    Thank you Denise. Around the country are many nice towns like Skive. I know that you have been to Copenhagen once, so at your next trip you would probably like to see Jutland.

    Let me send you this homepage about Skive, to start your preparations.

    Call me when you are there 😉

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