Peony – the king is back.


Some months ago, I posted a photo from my archive of a Peony.  One of the comments to that picture, was from the Japanese artist Drue Kataoka, who told me that the Peony is known as “the king of flowers.” I think this title is well deserved, I love this plant, and now that the time has come to enjoy fresh flowers, its clear that it is a king that is back.
I picked the first flowers yesterday, and as I promised in April, I was thinking of the Peony fans that wrote comments back then; Mrs. Uhdd , pbsweeny , Erika , Drue and Melinda . I wish you, and every other Peony-fan, a profusion of kings.


6 comments so far

  1. dieterdelathauwer on

    is that a real one?!!! wow, impressive!
    and your post gives a nice impression of it also i think!

  2. Schwakhofer on

    What beautiful photos of a gorgeous flower! Thank you.

  3. erikatakacs on

    I think Queen of flowers would be more fitting. The peony is very feminine.
    Beautiful shots again, Birgitte. And thanks for thinking of us when you picked them!

  4. parrish94 on

    Gorgeous as always!

  5. uphilldowndale on

    Glorious, a pink confection, I could eat it!

  6. awalkabout on

    And I also liked the peonies…they smell just like roses only big and fluffy! That last photo is incredible! Definitely contest-winning stuff!

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