Garden performance




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  1. Schwakhofer on

    These are beautiful. I love the dandelion.

  2. giiid on

    As you wrote at your blog; one can be surprised when the photos are enlarged at the screen. In this case, I was very surprised. It is impressing to see how the nature are in optimal balance. Talking about that theme, the Fibonacci numbers are quite interesting. I think I will refresh my memory:

  3. awalkabout on

    Wow. Just….Wow.

  4. @nne on

    Oww, i love the first one ! 😀
    (I am from the Netherlands don’t laugh about my very good Anglais 😛 😀 (A))


  5. giiid on

    Don’t worry, I am sure that every blog owner are more than happy to get feed back, misspelling or not. At least that is what I am relaying on, when I write in this foreign language.
    Thank you for sending your comment:-)

    PS. Your link does not work.

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