Blue rain

Blue rain 1

Bleu rain 2

blue rain

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  1. erikatakacs on

    Great shots, they look like abstract paintings on canvas. Where did you take these, is it a swimming pool?

  2. giiid on

    Not a bad guess. It´s not a swimming pool but a trailers tarpaulin. Swimming pools are not common here, but trailers are. It was my plan to clean the tarpaulin, but at my “rain-photo-hunt”, I was glad that I hadn´t done it yet. It´s so funny -and easy- to find interesting reflections in puddles.
    Thank you for asking.

  3. toboss on

    nice pic and you do the best to explore lot of kind sorrounding you 🙂

    anyway, nowadays, I also waiting for the rain to come to my small city and wipe the hot dust

  4. giiid on

    Dear toboss. Thank you for your nice comments. I have just seen your blog, with interesting photos from a country far from here. I will return to see more.

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