Automatically generated ghost

I was very surprised to see links to other (commercial) blogs appear just under my own text, as if I thought that my viewers needed wedding equipment, or to read about the mystery of electronically gadgets.  Well, that has never been my intention with this blog, and I don´t like some ghost to make it look like if it is.

After some reading at Word Press help, I found out how to remove the links, I also discovered that this is a new SERVICE (!) from Word press. What a strange idea. As this new service is for everybody, you could possibly be interested in how to avoid it.

Go to DESIGN and choose EXTRAS. Here you can choose if you want the ghost or not.




2 comments so far

  1. Schwakhofer on

    Me too and I figured out how to get rid of it. They sure are keeping us busy!!

  2. erikatakacs on

    I only saw two of these in my ‘Opinions’ category, which is mostly about art, and the ads are kinda relevant to the subject, so I decided not to delete them for now. They don’t show up in posts related to my own work – interestingly.

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