Street rain and some apples….

Left over

 …for the birds. This apples is remaining from the winter supply, that we make every year. And even it might look a little sad, with so many old apples, some even beginning to rot away, it actually means that spring is around the corner, and that the birds can have a feast now.  I would say that this makes it a nice sight too.

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  1. erikatakacs on

    Thanks for showing me that even rotten apples can be a pretty subject. I especially like the wrinkled one in the bottom left corner, reminds me of an old, wrinkled, sweet little old lady.

  2. […] I wrote about the remains of the apples, that we had throw in the garden to feed the birds. ( Street rain and some apples…. ) Last week, I decided to remove the sad remains of the remains, in an attempt to make the garden […]

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