Pink Peony



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  1. uphilldowndale on


  2. pbsweeney on

    What is more wonderful than the lush and heady peony? One could just eat it!

  3. erikatakacs on


  4. giiid on

    I have a peony plant in my garden, and I am always looking forward to the day that I can see the flowers. They are realy glorious, lush,heady, and georgeous as you write. And this summer, when I pick the flowers, I will think of you, knowing that somewhere far away, you will be enjoying the same flower. Nice to know.

  5. Drue on

    The delicacy of these petals is breath-taking. Your cropping invites the imagination to unfold in its lush presence.

    The peony is known as “the king of flowers.” It is an enduring motif in the fine and applied arts in Japan — first introduced in the Nara period. In Heian times, the Japanese prized the peony as an ornamental plant.

  6. Schwakhofer on

    absolutely stunning!

  7. […] months ago, I posted a photo from my archive of a Peony.  One of the comments to that picture, was from the Japanese artist Drue Kataoka, who told me that […]

  8. burstmode on

    sheets on a bed with a view of the beach and the breeze streaming through open windows.

    • Giiid on

      Your poetic words should almost follow this photo, one of the most copied images at this blog. I saw it at the new system called “pinterest”, shared again and.

  9. cindydyer on

    Soft and lovely shot, Birgitte! Nice to run into you again. Hope you’re doing well. (And no, I haven’t forgotten about making you a handmade piece of jewelry—I do plan on getting to yours soon!)

  10. Giiid on

    Hi Cindy. I am following your exhibition, it is all very exciting. I hope you will sell every piece of your fantastic photos.
    I wonder how you bumped into this old photo? Thank you anyway. I like it too, peonies is one of my absolutely favorite flowers.
    Don´t think of jewelery now when you are so busy. I am very patient. 🙂

  11. Haraj on

    Wonderful picture. Thank you.

    • Giiid on

      Thank you very much, Haraj.

  12. kiwidutch on

    Wow! that photo needs to go into a competition!!! LOVE it!!!

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