The universe and me


One day, when looking out of the window, thinking of the universe and life, this shadow was created at the wall.

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  1. wanderer7 on

    magic, the shadow of god leaning in, and giving you a look.

  2. giiid on

    Thankyou for your feedback. This photo is special for me, and I value your opinion.


  3. cindydyer on

    Hi Birgitte! I really like this photo of your silhouette…really nice. And you have some beautiful peony photos, too. I love garden photography (and gardening, too, of course). You can see my botanical photography at

    I know what you mean about the new changes at….threw me for a loop! Just when I thought I had the routine down, they go and change it!

  4. giiid on

    I am honoured to have this nice comment from you Cindy, a graphic designer making the most wonderful flower photos. Thank you very much. You are at my blogroll now; I am looking foreward to see your spring and summer.


  5. wida on

    hello, we`re so far away separated. i`m in indonesia and by chance linked to your blog, seeing that beautiful picture of you in the shadow..

  6. giiid on

    I think it is so amazing that we can communicate and make friends this way, just by blogging.
    You are right, we are far away from each other, and yet we are looking at the same photo, at the same time…Thank you for writing about this photo, which is very special to me. Do you have a blog too? If so,I would like to see it.

  7. LaTisha on

    A kiss from God, I have had similar interactions with God, such as a time when a tree shadowed in on my wall and I just decided to touch the tip of a leaf and the whole tree shook. Others may call this “coquincedence” but I call this a kiss from God. Also another time, I actually got to take a picture, but the leaves and tree branch shaped an eye on my wall. God is. God keeps kissing us, enjoy.

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