Together in stormy weather



Photography is one of my big passions.  My grandmother gave me my first little plastic camera when I was about 6 -7 years old. Oh what a wonderful toy. (Producing a bit strange motives though.) She, and her father before her, was photographs, and I think that she took it for granted, that a 6-7 year old child just can´t wait any longer for seeing the world through a lens. Plastic or not. She was right. I have been seeing the world in 24×36 mm ever since, – now days the messures have changed, but the joy are the same.

And the next generation? My son had his first camera when he was about 6-7 years old….now, 10 years later, nothing escapes our two lenses!

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  1. awalkabout on

    I love love love trees in the winter. The stark silhouettes show every bend and twist the tree has earned in life–so much more interesting than when they’re all dressed with leaves.

  2. Toma01 on

    beautiful silhouettes, nice composition!
    (thanks) 🙂

  3. giiid on

    Thankyou Toma.

  4. maantas on

    wow these trees are so crazyyyyyy
    i hope u don’t mind i make myself a copy of a picture to my very personal hard drive in a very personal “inspiration” folder 🙂

  5. giiid on

    Thank you for asking Maantas, I appreciate your politeness. I have realized, that the moment I have uploaded stof at the internet, I have no more control about it. That is why it is important to think twice, before a new photo or text are posted. I am glad that you can use the photo, you are most welcome to copy it.

    It is interesting to read about your surprise about the trees. They are being cut every year according to an old Danish tradition, in Danish called to STYRNE.

    I have made a link to a Danish site, that explains what that is:

    translated into english by Google translater:

  6. maantas on

    well i have this folder where i save everything interesting, u know things that inspire, mostly pictures. Normally it would be enough to look at favorites in flicker, and i have collected quite a lot, but u know sometimes u are down with no ideas, and no Internet:) so i just open my image folder and spend some time looking at the pictures. Also lets say your picture is not on flicker, so some kind of bookmarking would be very hard to use. i know its legality is questionable, but in my eyes its like buying a dvd and making a personal copy if disk brakes or something like that. its not like i copy the content of pictures, or post them anywhere. I mean if i post something, i first ask permissions by creators, and i did that quite some times and i found that 90 % of people let me do that as long as i am mentioning their names. well thats only in flicker. And thanks for the link, reading now..

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