Wet and velvety red rose


This rose is the most fantastic red rose I have ever seen, with thick and velvety leaves.  I wonder what the name is?

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  1. vijay on

    This Rose is realy Lovely

    • Shubho on

      So sweet.

      • giiid on

        Thank you for sending your comment, I´m glad you like it.

  2. giiid on

    I am glad you think so, it is a very special rose to me.

  3. sarwat on

    its soooooooo beautiful

  4. karina on

    i love this rose it is so prety and it is so thick i wonderf if my bf wil buyu one just like it

  5. giiid on

    If you tell him that you like a rose like this, I am sure he will 🙂

  6. minal on

    It too…………… Good

  7. tope on

    it’s too much

  8. filmon tesfaldet on

    this so great u know i like rose so much b/c u know i have a girl friend she always wants me to give her a rose

  9. aabhasingh on

    a rose is rose is dose is rose……………

  10. aabhasingh on

    this rose is touch my heart

  11. giiid on

    This is a very special rose, and you can feel it, that is very nice. Thank you for writing.

  12. sana on

    i amvre

  13. rose on

    it beatiful just like my name

  14. nikesh on

    helooooooooo & hiiiiiiiiiiii

  15. guna on


  16. artchick on

    this rose is gorgeous. it’s amazing. where did you find it?

  17. giiid on

    Hi artchick. This rose is a very special rose,I will tell the story later. Thank you for asking.

  18. oreo on

    It’s lovely! I definately want one!

  19. Honey on

    Wow I like tooooooooo much this Rose….I have no word

  20. STEFANYA on


  21. heya on

    I took your pidcture for a magazine it was looks amazing i hope you won t mind

  22. giiid on

    Hi Heya.
    I am very glad to know that this rose is touching you. Thank you for telling me.

  23. komal on

    wow..i havn’t seen any rose bttr than this 1

  24. I love roses especially red rose on

    I love red rose,bcos i like it

  25. isathreadsoflife on

    What a treasure ! and a gorgeous photo.

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